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Gross Offense

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I think, however,  he was accusing her of  
violating behavioral norms in a manner that  offended his sense of  
what is right.


Nay. That's a  _gross_ offense. E.g. Simeon Solomon, the pre-raphaelite 
painter (and very  successful at the time) went to a 'cottage' (or subway stati
on) in London,  showed his prick, and was sentenced for gross indecency. 
Nobody ever bought any  of his painting after that.

Will custom exempt from the imputation of  gross indecency a French lady, 
who shifts her frousy smock in presence of a male  visitant, and talks to him 
of her lavement, her medecine, and her bidet! 
J. L. Speranza
   Buenos Aires, Argentina
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