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Mike Geary wrote

I bought the book "Readings in the Philosophy of Language" edited by Jay F. Rosenberg and Charles Travis.

JL commented

Thanks. Yes, I see they reprinted Grice´s "Meaning". It is a good collection. Charles J. Travis went on to investigate topics of truth and pragmatics. E.g. how an opaque intention to communicate that the cat is on the mat may be CAUSED by the cat actually being on the mat.

It is a good collection.

The late Jay Rosenberg (Reed 1963), also wrote /Linguistic Representation /(1974) and /One World and Our Knowledge of It: The Problematic of Realism in Post-Kantian Perspective/ (1980), but he is best known for /The Impoverished Students' Book of Cookery, Drinkery, & Housekeepery/, which he wrote as an undergraduate.


I understand it's still available at the Reed bookstore, in case any of the list's impoverished students are interested.

Robert Paul
The Reed Institute

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