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> December 14, 2004
> Google Is Adding Major Libraries to Its Database
> Google, the operator of the world's most popular Internet search
> service, plans to announce an agreement today with some of the
> nation's leading research libraries and Oxford University to begin
> converting their holdings into digital files that would be freely
> searchable over the Web.
> It may be only a step on a long road toward the long-predicted global
> virtual library. But the collaboration of Google and research
> institutions that also include Harvard, the University of Michigan,
> Stanford and the New York Public Library is a major stride in an
> ambitious Internet effort by various parties. The goal is to expand
> the Web beyond its current valuable, if eclectic, body of material and
> create a digital card catalog and searchable library for the world's
> books, scholarly papers and special collections.
> Google - newly wealthy from its stock offering last summer - has
> agreed to underwrite the projects being announced today while also
> adding its own technical abilities to the task of scanning and
> digitizing tens of thousands of pages a day at each library.
> Although Google executives declined to comment on its technology or
> the cost of the undertaking, others involved estimate the figure at
> $10 for each of the more than 15 million books and other documents
> covered in the agreements. Librarians involved predict the project
> could take at least a decade.
> ...
> http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/14/technology/14google.html?ex=1103995810&ei=1&en=df43c36263e78f29

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