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I wonder  if Bush had the same problem with his encounters with God.  Alcohol 
is a  drug.  In Bush's case, God let him down.  Not picking on Bush, just  
interesting to see people in similar situations.

I don't understand you saying that "In Bush's case, God let him  down."
I don't see that has happened at all.  Would you elaborate,  please?

A.A.  What do you think of the way Iraq turned out?  God told him to go for it, 
and it looks less than optimal to me, but then, God works in mysterious ways, 
so who knows, maybe it's going well.  Plus the Iraqis aren't Christians, so 
they don't count.  Really, what's God's stand on Iraq today?

Marlena: But, then again, he had Billy Graham as his liason with God during his 
of need.

A.A. Is this good or bad?  

Marlena: Maybe that was what poor Philip Dick needed---the right liason with  

A.A. Can't beat a direct connection to God, or even indirect as the case may be.

Marlena: As to whether or not absolute good and universal beauty are 
real...they  are.
Lovers are not just those who are 'in love' with each other (though that  may 
have been who Santayana was talking about...)--they are those who simply  
care for the Other and look for and find the good.  They are those who look  at 
the wonder and gift that each person are and are giving [(even the  stupid ones 
<wry look>) are giving to either The World--or to the little  piece of The 
World which they are responsible for [and for some it is very  small, indeed, 
but that does not negate that *someone* needs to be caring for  that little 
When you look at the wonder through the eyes of a child, for example, who  
sees a rabbit on the yard or a deer in a meadow--or even a kitten in a pet  
shop--you can see the universal beauty and wonder and absolute good in learning 
and growing and seeing something remarkable.

A.A. Ah yes, and then you turn on the news and they show you those dead bodies 
in Iraq and other places.  People tortured to death, etc.  Not to mention the 
natural catastrophies and the rest of it.  Maybe God can come down and shut 
down our media so we don't have to look at it.

Andy Amago

Marlena in Missouri

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