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In any case, Dworkin's reported  points hardly reflect a great mind at work.


Oddly, he  wouldn't think Minds Work. Workers work.


Oddly, Strawson's  point towards free-will is well-proven. "We use 
imperatives, and other  expressions which only make sense _on condition_ that 
is not a  deterministic world."


I have applied the claim  cross-specifically.

A dog can obey a command, "Sit" -- but not others  (e.g. "Talk"). For this 
reason, we deny free will to dogs.

----- America  is called 'the land of the freedom'. This is an example used 
by  Grice,

"free for lunch".

"We can imagine that in Ancient Rome, a  slave could ask another -- "Are 
you free for lunch?". The implicature being NOT  that ours is not a 
deterministic world, but other." Or something.

J. L.  Speranza
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