[lit-ideas] Flirting workshops -- this is absolutely hilarious (you silly cow, you)

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_Click  here: Flirts: doing what comes naturally - Yahoo! News_ 
(some snippets):
I've had to explain lots of times to foreign friends that 'silly cow' can  
really be a term of endearment," added the Oxford-based researcher who has just 
published a book "Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English  
Indeed knowing when an innocent flirt has crossed the boundaries into  sexual 
harassment is not always obvious.  A recent sociological study in  the Czech 
Republic carried out for the labour ministry found that most people  perceived 
sexual harassment as being "a concept artificially imported from  abroad." 
"Conversations with hidden erotic meaning, provocative allusions and even  
rude stories are all part of what makes the world go round," the study  
Don't expect sophisticated romance though, as it's not unusual for an  
inebriated Swede to immediately ask the woman who has caught his eye if she  
to have sex.

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