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"Escaped" through a flaw in the flue?  There's a flaw in the idea  of  
fleas flying, or possibly in the reality of fleas trying to  fly.
Why not the simpler, 'fleed'? Surely it's not as inconceivable to think of  
a fly fleeing as it is to conceive a flea flying?
Surely, 'flee' and 'fly' are cognate, but they have attached themselves to  
different 'implicatures' right now, and the flea could be 'fleeing' only  
"A flea and fly were caught in a flue
and they didn't know  what to do.
"Let us flee," said the fly.
"Let us fly," said the  flea.
So they flew through a flaw in the flue."
to flee 
(intransitive) To run away; to escape. 

The prisoner tried to flee, but was caught by the guards. 

(transitive) To escape from. 

Many people fled the country as war loomed. 

Thousands of people moved northward trying to flee the drought. 

(intransitive) To disappear quickly; to vanish. 

Etherical products flee once freely exposed to air  

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