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Hello all. I've been listening in for a while and resisted posting until reading that it was Penelope who waited 20 years for Ulysses and died at his approach.


1. Who was 'terribly fond of turbot'?

Levin in Anna Karenina

2. Whose spirit appeared in George F. Babbitt's parlor?

Dante is the object of the seance.

3. Who was once middleweight boxing champion of Princeton?

Jake Barnes.

4. Who ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls?

Leopold Bloom.

5.'Reader, I married him.' Who was she and whom did she marry?

Jane Eyre. Edward Rochester.
6. Who, perhaps, had been his competition?

St. John Rivers

7. Who was buried in 'the lonely churchyard on the hill'?

Michael Furey.

8. Who is said to have 'a very satirical eye'?

Mr. Darcy.

9. Who waited twenty years for whom, and died upon his return?

Argus, the dog of Ulysses.

10. Who said, 'I do my own leg work, and there are a lot of guys who
will tell me what I want to know because they know what I'll do to
them if they

Mickey Spillane.

11. X took Y from Z, causing Z to sulk until the death of W. Who was Y?


New Haven
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