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I outdid myself.  With a little imagination I hope it was clear that I
meant the beginning of the end of the old way of life, which was already
quite underway, and was perhaps reflected linguistically. 

Later, said the latter alligator.   

> Okay, so why this movie and why now?  Is there precedent?  If you are of
> the persuasion that life happens in a vacuum, that things just pop up on
> their own, then that will settle the issue.  
> For David Ritchie, I like the explanation, sort of a 1970's reverse
> snobbery.  Usually the lower classes emulate the upper (sumptuary laws for
> example).  I wonder if in fact the upper classes picking up linguistic
> mannerisms (a linguistic mannerism) of the lower classes is one more way
> which the end of the 19th century paralleled the changes of a century
> latter.  I wonder too if that doesn't mark the end of the beginning of the
> way we live now?  WWI is generally credited with destroying the old order,
> but the Industrial Revolution had been in full swing for a while to that
> point.  Too much sitting on one little word?

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