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So he _thought_ he was being witty:
Logic. Of a proposition, sentence, etc.: irreducible, unanalysable; spec.  
including no logical constants. Cf. MOLECULAR adj. 4. 

1912 L. WITTGENSTEIN Let. to Russell in Notebks. 1914-16 (1961) 120, 
I believe that our PROBLEMS [emphasis mine. JLS -- apparently he had  more 
than one, but this _was_ before the Great War] can be traced down  to the 
atomic propositions. 

1918 B. RUSSELL in Monist 523 
An atomic proposition is one which does mention actual particulars, not  
merely describe them but actually name them. 
1922 C. K. OGDEN tr. L. Wittgenstein Tractatus 31 
An atomic fact is a combination of objects (entities, things). 

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