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On Dec 29, 2007 10:35 AM, Andreas Ramos <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I don't know about Apple's marketing. They are very big on branding;
> that's
> clear. But their marketing is entirely 80s: it uses TV and billboards.
> They
> do apparently nothing with web marketing, which is new and innovative.
> Furthermore, if you evaluate their marketing in terms of sales, well, all
> that marketing and they still have only 2% marketshare in computers. Their
> marketing was a failure.


Where have you been? The PC/Apple guy commercials have been all over the
Net. You can buy anything they offer online. And if all you are saying is
that Apple doesn't do a lot of push e-mail offering steep discounts--guess
what? They don't have to, having successfully removed themselves from the
cutthroat commodity-PC market where DELL, for example, is now faltering.

Also, you should do a little research before you run on about Market share.
Please note:

Apple's share of U.S. PC market jumps to 6.1 percent

By Katie Marsal <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> and Kasper Jade<kasper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Published: 10:25 PM EST

*First on AI: Sales of Apple's Macintosh computers over the past twelve
month's have grown faster than any other major PC manufacturer, boosting the
company's share of the U.S. PC market to 6.1 percent, according to data
released by Gartner on Wednesday.*



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