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John Wager wrote

I've been thinking about this today: What would a "license" exam look like for parenting? Let's say you had to identify 2 questions that such a test MUST have: What would those two questions be?

(And, of course, what would the answers have to be?)

(1) Can you survive on two hours sleep a night for a year? (Information from former law school students, hospital interns, etc., must be listed on Form CYP27, and submitted before completion of Part IIa of the Parenting License Examination.)

(2) Will you read to your child at least once a day from a Suitable Book (SB)? (A list of SBs can be found in the Index to Suitable Literary and Artistic Activities [SLAAA], in Part IV, Section 9.1 of the Universal Parenting License Board's [UPLB] document FM 6-40, Preparing for the Examination.


A table of Suitable Reading Session Times, listed by age, may be obtained from any US Customs Office, County Extension Agent, or from Ticketmaster.com (US only; for Canada and other Backward Nations [CAOBN], please contact your United Nations representative.)

In filling out any UPLB form or other document DO NOT write outside the designated space or appropriate area. Thank you for your cooperation.


Susan Bore, Associate Coordinator
Universal Parenting Licensing Board
Princeton, NJ

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