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Wait a minute, Julie, you're worried about kids' reactions to the outting of 
Batwoman but have no problem with kids watching the ambiguously gay duo do 
their thing?  Apparently, Robin was bi: "In 1961, Batwoman was joined by her 
niece Bat-Girl, named after Bob Kane's wife Betty. Kathy and Betty were 
romantically interested in Batman and Robin, respectively. Robin seemed to 
return Bat-Girl's affection, while Batman seemed to be trying to remain aloof 
from Batwoman."

And here's the low down on Batwoman's cross cultural experiences:  "After the 
Infinite Crisis crossover, all the books in the DC Universe jumped ahead one 
year, with the weekly series 52 filling in the missing year.
"According to the New York Times[3], Associated Press [4], and an interview 
with Dan DiDio[5], this Batwoman will debut in 52 #11. The twist of this new 
incarnation of Batwoman lies in the fact she will be portrayed as a 'lipstick 
lesbian'. "
You can find the above cites and much more about Batwoman at 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batwoman including a working link to "lipstick 
lesbian", which you might want to know when you start talking to your kids.

More on The Ambiguously Gay Duo at 

God, I love Wikipedia.

Mike Geary

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