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Cochran and Harpending are not breaking  much new ground.  Cavalli Sforza 
(father and son) wrote The Great Human  Diasporas, the History of Diversity 
and Evolution” back in 1993.  Bryan  Sykes has done something very like that 
in his Saxons, Vikings, and Celts.   Cochran and Harpending have gone beyond 
Sykes in some respects but not hugely  so.
Interesting. So here we may have a thread to consider in what Oxonians call 
 "The History of Ideas," ironically. I checked bits of Cavalli Sforza 
(father) in  Wikipedia, and would be led to believe that his theory was best 
formulated once  his settled at Stanford, but I guess one can find roots in his 
way of thinking  other than Stanford-related authors!
Wikipedia spends some time as to how to CALL this area of study or  
research, but I'm not convinced that one label is better than any other, so I  
chose to use "Cavalli Sforza" as subject line!
The Wikipedia has a segment on criticisms to the approach that may interest 
 L. Helm. They (the first of the two paragraphs below of a 'critical 
evaluation')  are in ps.
From Wikipedia's entry on Cavalli Sforza:
"Cavalli-Sforza's proposed Human Genome Diversity Project to gather further 
 genetic data from populations around the world did not advance as he 
originally  envisioned the project. News articles about his proposal noted that 
(unnamed)  critics of the project decried it for "cultural insensitivity, 
neocolonialism,  and biopiracy.""
"Cavalli-Sforza has conducted several studies of how language differences  
may serve as barriers to gene flow between adjacent human populations. His  
studies of human migration have tested hypotheses of linguists Merritt 
Ruhlen  and Joseph Greenberg about language "superfamilies." The hypothesized  
superfamilies are controversial among other  linguists."
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