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Mike's agent and/or the publicist at his publisher will normally arrange all the blurbs for his novel, but it doesn't hurt to solicit them. That's part of the MFA racket -- your teacher, and your successful friends from the writing program will blurb your book.

In poetry books, it's particularly important to get good blurbs, and poets are often left to gather these themselves ... since poetry is not a big money operation, agents/publicists ignore all but the most Olympian poetry books.

But if Mike is in a hurry, he can go to blurb-o-matic:


For my imaginary memoir, _Slippery Grows the Eel Grass_ (apologies to Robert Benchley), I received these magnificent o-matic blurbs.

Obliterated, gasping, and breathless! A glittering must-read!

A helpful account of love that will leave you flabbergasted!

I was bowled over after reading this matchless narrative!

A shimmering parable of hope!

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