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>Another recording is available on http://www.10x50.com/sounds.htm

Incidentally there is a well known West Country song " The Blackbird" - 
viz: The Wurzels version ( one of many)

     THE BLACKBIRD             The Wurzels
Key: D

D                          G               A
Where be it blackbird to?  I know where 'e be.
'E be up yon Wurzel tree and I be ar'ter 'e!
Now I sees 'e, and 'e sees I - buggered if I don't get 'n!
        D        A          G       D                      A    D
With a gr't big stick I'll knock'n down - Blackbird I'll 'ave 'ee!

D                                           G
All me life I'm on the farm, workin' fer me keep,
A                                            D
Tendin' pigs and chickens, handlin' cows and sheep,
But everywhere I'm workin' there's one who always mocks me
      A                                    D           A    D
He's hiding somewhere in the trees - Blackbird, I'll 'ave 'ee:

Underneath the open sky in spring we likes to dine:
We likes to hear the flappin' of the missus' washin' line.
We listens to a tuneful song - a blackbird or a tit,
But on me vest and undiepants 'e scored a direct 'it.


If I goes out poachin', a-creepin' through the fields,
With me old retriever a-followin' at me 'eels,
If I aim me shotgun at a pheasant in the hay,
That bloody blackbird starts 'is row and frightens 'n away.


No longer can I sleep at night - get peace of any kind:
That bird'll be the death of me - he's preyin' on me mind.
If I chase 'n long enough I'll get 'n by and by,
And celebrate me victory with a girt big blackbird pie!

Final Chorus, repeat last line.


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