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An English blackbird sounds very much like a North American robin - 
blackbirds are common garden birds, slightly smaller than the American 
robin - the male is black with a bright yellow beak and ?yellowish legs, 
and a yellow ring round the eye and the female is dark brown.  The male 
plays a prominent part in the morning chorus and also sings at dusk usually 
from a vantage point like a high branch or from a roof line.There are 
interesting connections in mythology - blackbird is sacred to Bridget 
Goddess of Fire and is connected with the forge. Some sources think that 
blackbirds are the original Birds of Rhiannon - and that they therefore 
have chthonic associations.http://www.garden-birds.co.uk/blackbird.htm has 
a clip of the song for those with access to quicktime


At 09:56 PM 29/05/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>In the Beatles song "Blackbird" (on the white album), a bird song can be
>heard in the second part.
>What kind of bird is that? Does anyone recognize the bird? Is that a
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