[lit-ideas] Re: Altruism and Egoism: A Griceian Perspective

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Or how pirots karulise elatically (some simpler ways): or baboons behave  
Grice on pirots, homo sapiens sapiens, and baboons. 
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lawrencehelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes in "The earliest requirement for  religion":
described someplace else someone who observed the behavior of  baboons, of 
two adult males who gave their lives so that the rest of the tribe  could 
make it safely to a baboon haven.  This morning it came to me that  the person 
who made that observation was (probably) Raymond Dart.  I still  can’t find 
the reference, but if my aged memory is somewhat accurate, he was  severely 
disillusioned after World War One and sought some place to “hide” from  
what had happened, choosing Africa.  But having an active mind he began  
investigating his surroundings and especially a tribe of baboons whose route  
passed by his cabin (or it could have been that his wanderings passed by their  
wanderings).  In any case he observed the baboon tribe heading later than  
usual (when it was nearly dark) up a narrow decline toward their defensible  
sanctuary, but their nemesis, the panther was in position to kill one or 
two (do  they wantonly kill more than that?  I don’t know).  Instead two adult 
 males attacked the panther, killing it, and giving up their lives in the  
Dart had the misfortune to discover the first evidence that  the 
predecessors of homo sapiens originated in Africa rather than Europe; so he  
declared a crackpot.  Of course everyone knows today that he was right,  but 
getting rid of the “crackpot” stigma is not an easy matter.
And, we see  in the actions of these baboons (whether it was Raymond Dart 
who made that  observation or some other) the religious principle “greater 
love hath no man  than that he would lay down his life for a friend.”  
But cfr. Ardrey:
New Pathways in Psychology: Maslow and the Post-Freudian  ...
books.google.com/books?isbn=0976040212 - Traduci questa pagina
Colin  Wilson - 2004 - ‎Psychology
In African Genesis, Robert Ardrey describes the  behaviour of a tribe of 
baboons threatened by a leopard. The leopard appeared on  a rock overlooking 
the fig tree where the baboons slept and stood ... This  sounds like supreme 
self sacrifice.
Worth checking out.
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