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My new 'phallacy' [sic]:

"Ad  nominem"

--- Victim: Protagoras, Socrates.

--- THESIS: Names are  _unnecessary_ in philosophical discourse.

"Socrates thought that ...",  "Protagoras, on the other hand, believed 
firmly that ..."

Surely we are  adult enough to understand _theories_ without the name-tag 
attached to  them.

Oddly, the Greeks were more civilised than the Romans  there:

For Greeks, it's "Plato" (a disrespectful nickname meaning, "Of  the Flat 
Ass"). For the Romans it was "three" names, each ('for the price of  one' as 
Frege said):

-- Julius   (i.e. born in the  month of July)
-- Caesar (i.e. born of caesarean  dissection)
-- Martinez (after the  town)



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