[lit-ideas] Abode of Chaos not Art, Court Declares

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I'm glad they finally settled the matter. People should not ask questions with their homes.-EY

French man fined for damaging his home for art

LYON, France (Reuters) - A French court fined a businessman 200,000 euros (135,300 pounds) on Wednesday for defacing his 18th century home in a quiet suburb of Lyon in order to turn it into a work of art called "The Abode of Chaos".

Thierry Ehrmann, who made a fortune from an online art data business, has spent 2.5 million euros (1.7 million pounds) on the project since starting out in 1999.

His property is littered with 2,500 works of art including a crashed helicopter in the courtyard, wrecked cars and has reproduction of an oil platform on the roof.

The walls of the old building are painted black and covered in signs and black and white pictures of war and the faces of politicians including Osama Bin Laden and U.S.
President George W. Bush.

Ehrmann said the point of art was to ask questions.

"We are in a period of questioning," he said on TF1 television.

The Lyon court said he had violated town planning laws by modifying the property without permission.


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