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How you guys pull stuff like this off the cuff is beyond me.  I love  it  -- 
made me smile (chuckling is out of the question for a  bit).   (But would you 
mind interpreting the word "bobkes"?  
Julie Krueger

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Half way back to normal comes the stare, and I  sit,
there is no other stare quite like it.
My current fear of carpets is  neither up nor down,
for want of information, I sometimes wear a frown.
I  know were I in combat, I'd merely shrug and sigh,
but here, re. the freeway,  for an eye one thinks an eye.
Cousin Job says I should know how much to ask  for bumps,
but actually we endure, split our bobkes from our  lumps.

David Ritchie
sending sympathy from
Portland, Oregon  
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