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Phil Enns writes:
>For the U.S., the dominant metaphor is 
>that of the melting pot

I note ((a) below) that all the cites for 'melting-pot' in the OED seem 
rather boring (literal) and UK-based, rather, though? 

Interestingly, one referring to _America_ as a 'melting pot' (there may be 
others) is possibly _also_ UK-based? The OED does not mention author -- just 
source: Listener 9 Mar 1972 310/1), and it's included under two different 
('mean' (v), and 'Latino'). 

The OED also quotes a book (1970) by a J. Brown, called "The Un-Melting Pot" 
(under 'mixed' -- 'mixed marriage). 




From the OED

(a) 'melting-pot'

1545 Rates Custom-ho. bviij, 
*Meltynge pottes for goldsmethes. 

1679 DRYDEN Pref. to Tr. & Cr. Ess. (ed. Ker) I. 227 
If his embroideries were burnt down, there would still be silver at the 
bottom of the melting-pot. 

1855 MILMAN Lat. Chr. XIV. ix. IX. 311 
The avarice which cast all these wonderful statues into the melting pot to 
turn them into money. 

1861 FAIRBAIRN Iron 181 
These are melted in steel melting-pots. 

1887 J. MORLEY in Pall Mall G. 10 Feb. 11/2, 
I think it will be best for the Constitution of this country not to send it 
to the melting-pot.


under 'Latino':

1972 Listener 9 Mar. 310/1 
America..is meant to be a great melting-pot... Its racial componentsBlacks, 
Latinos, Chinese, Japanese, [etc.]. 

under 'mean':
1972 Listener 9 Mar. 310/1 
America..is meant to be a great melting-pot. 

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