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Then why are the Americans so hated?

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>   "300,000 Dead Under Saddam Argument"*
>      *Proof not included.
> ____
> Proof will have to wait for the final count; in the meanwhile I 
> offer some citations. The 300,000-bodies argument shows up at the 
> end of this piece.
> Babies found in Iraqi mass grave
> A US investigator said bodies were bulldozed into the graves
> A mass grave being excavated in a north Iraqi village has yielded 
> evidence that Iraqi forces executed women and children under 
> Saddam Hussein.
> US-led investigators have located nine trenches in Hatra 
> containing hundreds of bodies believed to be Kurds killed during 
> the repression of the 1980s.
> The skeletons of unborn babies and toddlers clutching toys are 
> being unearthed, the investigators said.
> They are seeking evidence to try Saddam Hussein for crimes 
> against humanity.
> [PHOTOS of Tiny bones, femurs - thighbones the size of a 
> matchstick, P Willey US investigating anthropologist]
> It is believed to be the first time investigators working for the 
> Iraqi Special Tribunal (IST) have conducted a full scientific 
> exhumation of a mass grave.
> "It is my personal opinion that this is a killing field," Greg 
> Kehoe, an American working with the IST, told reporters in Hatra, 
> south of the city of Mosul.
> "Someone used this field on significant occasions over time to 
> take bodies up there, and to take people up there and execute them."
> Tiny bones
> The victims are believed to be Kurds killed in 1987-88, their 
> bodies bulldozed into the graves after being summarily shot dead.
> One trench contains only women and children while another 
> contains only men.
> The body of one woman was found still clutching a baby. The 
> infant had been shot in the back of the head and the woman in the 
> face.
> "The youngest foetus we have was 18 to 20 foetal weeks," said US 
> investigating anthropologist P Willey. "Tiny bones, femurs - 
> thighbones the size of a matchstick."
> Mr Kehoe investigated mass graves in the Balkans for five years 
> but those burials mainly involved men of fighting age and the 
> Iraqi finds were quite different, he said.
> "I've been doing grave sites for a long time, but I've never seen 
> anything like this, women and children executed for no apparent 
> reason," he said.
> Mr Kehoe said that work to uncover graves around Iraq, where 
> about 300,000 people are thought to have been killed during 
> Saddam Hussein's regime, was slow as experienced European 
> investigators were not taking part.
> The Europeans, he said, were staying away as the evidence might 
> be used eventually to put Saddam Hussein to death.
> "We're trying to meet international standards that have been 
> accepted by courts throughout the world," he added.
> "We're putting a package together on each body removed - pictures 
> of bones, clothes, a forensic report."
> Iraq's human rights ministry has reportedly identified 40 
> possible mass graves across the country.
> The dig at Hatra, where a makeshift morgue has been erected, was 
> due to be completed on Wednesday.
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3738368.stm
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