[leveller] Re: ImageWindow tool 1.2

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  • Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 22:19:20 -0700

Targa support has been added.



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I've made a C# .NET version of ImageWindow that supports more file formats,
and has the opacity/display controls in a toolbar instead of the menu. The
downsampling when stretching is used is much better than Win32 StretchBlt.


Targa support is listed but unavailable; I'm still porting my C++ Targa code
to C#.


The EXE link below is the built runtime executable, normally .NET apps are
distributed with some stuff that autochecks that the needed version of the
.NET framework is available (in this case .NET 4.0), but I haven't had time
to get into all that yet. 


http://www.daylongraphics.com/download/ImageWindow2 dot exe



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