[LRFlex] Re: Leica Projection sold off

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 18:56:36 -0400

Gosh Art...I am sorry...too much wine over the grill...Not Nick of 
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  Not insane Nick, just creative!! 

  Hire that man!

  BTW Nick...after about 25 years with the M system in various  incarnations ( 
M6, TTL, M7, MP and many of the modern lenses  ) I am shooting much more with 
the R8 and R9.  The zoom lenses certainly makes things much easier with the 
Grand kids, and the fill in flash is simply great and so very easy.  I am not 
ashamed to say that shooting in the P mode has simplified things tremendously, 
and does free one to simply press the shutter at the correct time with the 
confidence that the camera will almost certainly "do the rest".   Not to put 
down the fabulous feel of the M series, but there are obviously applications in 
which the R series is better.  Also, it is hard to beat the fabulous Apo 
2.8/180 which is on one of the bodies almost all of the time.  Were the new 
35-70 not so darned expensive I would probably use it over the 28-70 which Mel 
Levy insisted I try.  I must admit that I do not know why some criticize the 
28-70. As Mel pointed out, it is useful to have the 28 ( rather then the 35 ) 
when one wants to go a bit wider, and the lens certainly provides crisp 
negatives.  With reference to day to day use, Erwin himself I think has pointed 
out that the world of the lens tests is somewhat different from the world of 
the "shooter" in which the properties of the Leica lenses is rarely challenged 
in the extreme. 

  Now about those ApoTelyts and the digital R back...I guess I'll have to hit 
the Florida lottery!

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    I sure do hope so Elliot.

    But I think that we still have to talk BMW into buying Leica.

    I din't know if you remember their promo quite a few years back or not, but 
if you purchased an 800 Telyt, you received a coupon redeemable for an Audi 
Fox, "to Haul it in"!!

    Think of it, "Buy an R-9 package, including the digital Back-R, The APO 
Telyt System and the Motor Drive R-8/9 and receive a coupon for an M-3 to haul 
it in"!!!!!!!

    Of course, Doug Herr will concur that I am Certifiably "Insane", as will 
others in the group.


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