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I use the mobile site myself. It's twice as easyer to use with no problem. And it has links for you to find. Like, if you want to go to friends, hit alt-2.

Try it out.
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Not sure if you are using the mobile version of Facebook, which you can find at: m.facebook.com

It's my preferred method for accessing the site from a computer, and the log out option is always available as a link.

On the standard Facebook site, I've only been able to locate the log out button by first locating the "account settings" button menu. Pressing enter on this button changes to page to show some options related to your FB account. One of these options is the log out button. I will caution that this method does not always work, which is one of many reasons why I tend to utilize the mobile site.

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Has anyone ran into not being to recognize the buttons on Facebook. I tried using many reading commands and not able to find the logout button?


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