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Try this:

 1.  Launch Microsoft Word.
 2.   go to File with alt F
 3.  Choose  Options, then  locate Trust Center in the subsequent list.
 4.  Tab to Trust Center Settings and hit space to activate the button.
 5.  Find a checkbox called something like: enable protected view for Outlook 
attachments. Press space to uncheck, assuming of course that it is checkd.
 6.  Tab through to either the ok or close button, and press space.

I may not be recalling the names of the various controls with complete 
accuracy, but I strongly suspect this is what's causing your trouble.

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I have tried to open my email attachments using F6 and then using the TAB key.  
This is still not working.  The word attachments were sent from a governmental 
agency, public library and a word attachment I had sent to myself.  Is there 
anything else you can suggest?

I tried to go into JAWS help menu to find a solution to this problem in 
attachments that are in "PROTECTED VIEW", but I was not successful in resolving 
the problem.

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