Quick Reminder- Kosmic Tomorrow Night

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  • Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:56:51 -0500

Hey kids!
   Just a quick reminder that Kosmic Barnyard will be performing tomorrow 
night, Thursday, February 13th, at McGarret's (and I already know you can't 
make it Trev).
   McGarret's is located at 946 Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo, NY. Kosmic will begin 
the first of two sets around 11:00 PM. Directions are pretty easy- head down 
the 190 south towards Buffalo and get off at the Elmwood Ave. exit (it's the 
exit for Buffalo State and/or the Art Museum), head south on Elmwood about 4 or 
5 blocks and it's on your right, across the street from Cafe Aroma and a Burger 
   If anyone needs additional information visit our website for McGarret's 
phone number or the band's contact information.
Hope to see you there!
The Barnyard

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