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> Jaimie:
> I ran artist and title search for all of these and still only get Time Enough 
> At 
> Last.  And this one is actually credited (as artists) Jaimie Vernon, Brian 
> Gagnon, Danielle Benson-Vernon. 

For some reason all the portals (except iTunes) have used the SONGWRITING 
credits as the name of the artist for this album!! I think it was a coding 
error with my broker who sent them the tracks.

When I search on my own name -- my two solo albums appear along with Dee's live 
album [scroll to the very bottom]:

>And Time Enough At Last (never listened before) sounds to me like Alan Parsons 
>at times, Midnight Oil at others.

I guess it depends on the influences of the listener. I regularly get people 
telling me the stuff sounds like KLAATU...which I have to take with a grain of 
salt. People who don't know my connection to the band never mention it...so 
it's truly in the ears of the beholder. 

I get the Midnight Oil thing on the song "Cast Iron Pillow" -- but the song was 
written before Midnight Oil even existed. I was listening to a lot of Peter 
Shelley (of The Buzzcocks) when I wrote this....I think, subliminally, it's a 
rip-off of "Homosapien". When we took the demo and recreated it, the bass 
started sounding more "Peter Gunn"-ish...so we ran with that. But a song like 
"Heart Attack" -- which was written in 1980 as well -- is a straight up Kiss 
meets Deep Purple/Status Quo anthemic rocker. And the other 1980 tune "You've 
Done It This Time" is not only an homage to The Cars -- people think it's a 
COVER of a Cars tune. :-)

Parson's "Time"; the Korgi's "Everybody's Gotta Learn Some Time" (which I've 
posted the video for on the Bullseyecanada YouTube station); and Australia act 
The Church's "Unguarded Moment" are all no-nonsense cover tunes originally 
recorded by their respective artists in 1980. You may see a theme running 

Yeah, I'm a little schizophrenic. And I get even more schizo on the "Nightmare 
@ 20,000 Watts" album....adopting a different sound for every song just like a 
playlist on the old AM radio stations that we grew up listening to.



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