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  • From: "Bradley, David" <David_Bradley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 13:09:31 -0400

>> Then you should get the 1999 re master of Yellow Submarine.
>> It's mixed in 5.1 sound and is excellent.

> Uh - YES I SHOULD!!  I had no idea this was out there - thanks for the
tip Bill. 

Yes, the DVD released in 1999 has the original mono soundtrack
(something they refused to give us for A Hard Day's Night and Help!) as
well as a stereo mix, the 5.1 mix, AND the ability to play ONLY the
music without dialog or soundeffects.

However, at the point where they re-inserted Hey Bulldog into the movie,
the original mono soundtrack wasn't available, so it switches to stereo
when you're listening to the mono soundtrack.

And yes, despite there being a 5.1, etc on this DVD, there are people
who listen in mono because there are unique mixes of the songs for that
mono film soundtrack that weren't released on the LP.  In fact, the mono
pressings of that LP were simply fold-down mixes made by combining the
stereo channels into mono.

Dave Bradley

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