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Zone Alarm is a touchy one.  If left in default mode, it will cause
great anguish with file sharing as it prevents it.  If you are behind a
Nat Firewall, then just disable it as long as you are not on the
internet.  This will allow file sharing inside the "trusted zone" of
your network.  When surfing, enable Zone Alarm to prevent "call back
programs" from sending stuff from behind your firewall.  You will also
need an antivirus program, even behind the firewall, on all PC's

I host the Windows SIG on the 2nd Tuesday at 7PM at the North Bellevue
Senior Center.

David Dodge

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Hi Dave,

I would love to hear anything you have to say about networking XP Home
XP Pro computers over a home LAN.

In our house, a cable modem connects to a Linksys router and then cat 5
cables run to three computers. There is also Zone Alarm on my computer
that seems to be messing up file sharing.... I must not have my "Trusted
Zone" set up properly.

I would love to learn more about your home server, too!

Thanks much, Gordon

P.S. Which SIG do you host, and when is it???

Gordon Morrow 
2533 NE 94th St
Seattle, WA 98115-3473 
cell: (206) 605-1645 
Office/fax: (206) 632-5190 

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Well, It's time for another exciting time trying to solve all the
Windows Problems everyone has.  I am not going on a topic basis but may
just skip around with some tidbits I have been saving.  Any topics you
want discussed, please send me your desires and I will see what I can
cobble together if I get them no later than tomorrow evening.  


David Dodge

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