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You are right..ZoneAlarm is the problem and you will have to work with =
settings to get it to allow access.  Unless you have ZoneAlarm on every =
of your computers, I'm not sure it does much for you.  I have found the =
"firewall" of the Linksys router to be quite adequate for my shared DSL
connection without the extra layer of ZoneAlarm.

All my opinion...and remember...Free advice is worth what you pay for =

Lee Gentry

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Hi Dave,

I would love to hear anything you have to say about networking XP Home =
XP Pro computers over a home LAN.

In our house, a cable modem connects to a Linksys router and then cat 5
cables run to three computers. There is also Zone Alarm on my computer =
that seems to be messing up file sharing.... I must not have my "Trusted
Zone" set up properly.

I would love to learn more about your home server, too!

Thanks much, Gordon

P.S. Which SIG do you host, and when is it???

Gordon Morrow=20
2533 NE 94th St
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Well, It's time for another exciting time trying to solve all the =
Problems everyone has.  I am not going on a topic basis but may just =
around with some tidbits I have been saving.  Any topics you want =
please send me your desires and I will see what I can cobble together if =
get them no later than tomorrow evening. =20


David Dodge

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