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Systems - Shape The World

Dear Students,

*Greetings from Texas*
Thank you so much for experiencing with us the edX course Embedded Systems
- Shape the World. It was twice as much work as we imagined, but ten times
the reward. We are truly grateful to have had the chance to bring the
course to you.

*We have exciting news*
We are going to rerun Embedded Systems - Shape the World starting in
January 2015. Most of the course will be the same: Texas Instruments Cortex
M LaunchPad, extra parts lab kit, lab-centric grading, labs in simulation
and on the board, and the video game at the end. We will change up a few
things: more teaching on data sheets, another introductory lab in C, an
advanced optional lab on wireless and the internet of things, more help on
the finite state machine lab, more detailed explanations in the solution to
the quizzes, and softer more interactive graders. We will also structure
the class in a less linear format, allowing students to jump around picking
up concepts as they desire.

*Quick stats*
Here are some quick statistics on our class last spring: 44,878 enrolled,
6925 students got a kit completing at least one lab on the real board, 7952
students installed Keil and TExaS completing at least one lab in
simulation, 741 students got 100% on everything, 6.4% or 2666 students
completed 70% of the course receiving a certificate of some type.

*Spread the word*
Please spread the word to those who you think might enjoy the class. If you
didn’t finish, this is your chance to get it done. Go to our new course page
for more information

Thanks again for taking this class. We hope you had as much fun taking the
class as we had bringing it to you.

Until next time,
Ramesh & Jon


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