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Very spooky, but I can explain it.....I hope. All 4 of us are military or ex-military, after going though weeks of marching up and down the parade square(there's a Monty Python Skit about it) all the while being screamed at by a crusty old Warrant Officer you will still find youself in lock-step with each other. So yes, it is some kind of cult ritual.

Oh, and the cache we are attempting "Marysburgh Settlement", I do belive was are only failure. We must have looked like hard rock miners taking that rock wall apart piece by piece.

We need to have another "Cache Your Name" event, but tackle the caches in Belleville and north of there.


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I'm attaching a photo I took last year of Binrat, Bluelamb, Remote Sensor,
and Mudlark. Notice how they are walking as if their footsteps are
synchronized by some higher, Satanic force. The title of this picture is
"Must eat brains..."

But seriously, thanks for all of your input about the attachments. I think
I will change the mailing list configuration to allow all attachments
under 1MB in size. If anybody starts to post random irrelevent stuff,
maybe I'll have to change this policy. But everybody has been well-behaved
so far. Thanks, all.



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