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I've had similar trouble with my Legend, balky controls - especially the thumb 
click stick. But fortunately they never have lasted long or been too onerous. 
I'm hanging onto it until the 60csx has established itself, or maybe something 
dual compatible with the European system too is available. Cheers,

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  My e-trex legend and I are not getting along.   1) turn it on        2) whack 
it on something hard to get the buttons working 

  We are now good to go and if I remember correctly, it will work till I turn 
if off, then we repeat steps 1 & 2.

  Needless to say, I will not go out in the bush with just this unit and do not 
wish to buy another at the present time.  Maybe Binrat will get tired of his 
60C and want to upgrade in the near future.

  Does anybody else have this problem?   and if so how do you fix it?


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