[kag] Re: KAG Google Map -- testers wanted

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Subject: [kag] Re: KAG Google Map -- testers wanted
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 00:29:00 -0400

I tried it on my wifes sons machine here in Montreal and it works great.
I even tried to find my condo in Regina using the sattelite feature and I found it.
Too bad the images arn`t up to date but the links around around Kingston
are right on. He is using XP 2000 and explorer 6. Looks like you will have to
upgarde ha ha ha.
Have a great day
John & Bunny THE WEEBLES

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Works fine Hoover with latest version of IE on XP


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Subject: [kag] KAG Google Map -- testers wanted

I have been working on replacing the maps on the KAG web page with a fancy
Google Map, and think it may be almost ready for prime time.

The new map seems to (mostly) work with Firefox, but I can't easily test
to see if it works with Internet Explorer since I am only running IE
version 5.0 on my computer and Google Maps requires IE 5.5 or later.

If anybody wants to help me out, I'd appreciate it if you could point your
web browser at http://michael.lehotay.com/kag/map.html and let me know if
it works or not. Send me an email saying what operating system (Windows
XP, Mac OS X 10.3, etc) and what browser (Internet Explorer 6.0, Safari
1.3, etc) you are using.

The web server statistics for the KAG web page show that only 0.2% of all
visitors are running old versions of IE, which makes me think I may be the
only one. Please speak up if you can't run Google Maps.

Thanks very much.


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