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We are required to give a final in every class.  It is also school
policy that the final count as 15% of the semester grade.  I have honors
classes as well as general chem.  The tests are about the same, however,
I go into more depth with the honors kids. The order in which I present
the different topics depends on the class.   I covered the modern atomic
model with the regular kids and looked at the mole concept in more depth
this semester with the honors kids.  Depending on the class, I had about
55 multiple choice questions and then short answer on balancing
equations and naming.   I also included a writing section on both tests.
 The test is comprehensive over the semester's work.  We spent about 3
days in review. (We are on regular 50 min. periods.)  I agree that time
is not well used.  However, I was to the end of units, so I feel its
hard to start brand new material right before semesters.  Over the
years, I have found that most students do not do well on a final exam. 
As other people have said, most are concerned with just maintaining
their grade.  In years past, I have tried the idea that the final can
only help ones grade, but I didn't get any better performance from
students then either.  Also, in years past, I have included a lab
practical section of the final.  The students seemed to enjoy that part
of the final.  With large classes 25+ that is hard to organize and
monitor, so that has not been included for several years.  I agree, this
is a topic that I need other peoples' good ideas about.    
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