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Here are a couple of links which are playfully fun. These are all ways to  
create art online. Some may be appropriate for use by very young learners (Like 
the first two links here), others are more appropriate for 7 - 8 years and  
Perhaps you will share some of YOUR favorite art sites for young learners  
Thanks for your time,
Gail Lovely
independent educator
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Jackson Pollock
Just click and move the mouse and you have instant Jackson Pollock art.  Each 
time the mouse is clicked the color will change. You can right click (on a  
Windows machine) and choose print or just enjoy the computer screen art.
_http://jacksonpollock.org/_ (http://jacksonpollock.org/)   
Simple Mondrian-like tools. Simple instructions you can follow or let  
students experiment.
_http://www.stephen.com/mondrimat/_ (http://www.stephen.com/mondrimat/) 
_http://www.ptank.com/mondrian/_ (http://www.ptank.com/mondrian/)  (has  ads)
Paint in Pointillism
Use this simple online tool to paint a picture  using only dots of "paint"
Design African Kente Cloth
Decorate Cakes
Look at point of view (or angle of view)
Make a Mobile
A nice mix of Art and Math and Science
Collage Machine
Create a collage that is pleasing or to fit an emotion or ?
Play with Perspective or Angle of View

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