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Education World Weekly Newsletter

Volume 8 Issue 5
February 3, 2004


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Electing a President: Lessons for Teaching About the Presidential 
Candidates are crisscrossing the country in a quest for the votes 
that will put their name on the presidential ballot in November. 
Capitalize on this "teachable moment" with five lessons that 
teach about the process and engage students in learning about it.

Writing Bug: My Famous Parents
If you could choose two famous people to be your parents, who 
would you choose?

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare -- Volume 

Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan: Harriet Tubman and the Underground 
This lesson includes an Internet scavenger hunt, a brief 
read-aloud story, and a handful of additional activities.

Internet Scavenger Hunt
What causes winter storms?

Black History Month
Check out our archive of lessons.

February Holidays
Activities for celebrating Valentine's Day, Presidents Day.

Work Sheet of the Week
"Gettysburg Address" -- teach word meaning.

Ten Activities for Teaching the Five Senses
Our senses allow us to enjoy our food, the sound of music, the 
beauty of a sunny day, the softness of a child's hair -- in 
short, our lives! With the aid of the Internet, you can teach 
your students about the special gift of the senses and how they 
work. They will encounter sound by making instruments, guess what 
is inside a feely bag by using touch, or rub a homemade scratch 
'n' sniff gingerbread boy! Experimenting with the senses is fun 
for everyone!

Dinosaurs Sell! An Education World QuickQuest!
Dinosaurs are in the news again! Invite your students to learn 
the reasons for the public's endless fascination with the 
mysterious prehistoric creatures as they complete Dinosaurs 
Sell!, an Education World QuickQuest.

February Fun
Daily games, puzzles...


Dr. Fred Jones's Tools for Teaching: Beyond Say, See, Do 
Teaching: Exploiting Structured Practice
This is the sixth in our series addressing the prevention of 
classroom discipline problems. We have focused on the loss of 
classroom control during Guided Practice as we attempt to give 
corrective feedback to our chronic handraisers. We began our last 
segment with a question; "Is it possible to teach a lesson so 
effectively that the need for corrective feedback is nearly 
eliminated?" And the answer was...

Strategies That Work: Mini Whiteboards
Individual student whiteboards are the 21st-century version of 
the chalk slates used by students in colonial times. The 
whiteboards provide a great way to actively involve students in 
the learning process -- and a terrific tool for immediate 
feedback and assessment.

Dr. Ken Shore's Classroom Problem Solver
Dealing With Cheating
When deciding how to respond to students who cheat, you need to 
think not just about punishing the behavior, but also correcting 
it. Failing to focus on the reasons for cheating can simply 
create more crafty cheaters. Five tips for dealing with a student 
who cheats.

Voice of Experience: Planning for a Substitute Was Never This 
Unhappy with inconsistent results and lousy reports from 
substitutes, educator Bob Brems came up with a new strategy for 
his planned days off. He turns over the teaching reins to one of 
his students.

Teacher Feature: Starring George Musser
Six hundred elementary "athletes" run the state capitals!

Teacher Diary: On the Road to National Certification
Nearing the end of the road.

Contests and Competitions
Doors to Diplomacy encourages study of international affairs.

Teaching Citizenship's Five Themes
Activities from the editors of Weekly Reader can help develop K-6 
students' understanding of the five citizenship themes---honesty, 
compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage.



This week, Education World introduces its newest feature -- The 
Weekly Survey.
Cast your vote on questions of interest to all educators.

This week's survey question:
Should parents have a say in choosing to which teachers their 
children are assigned?

Cast your vote at:


Sites to See: Online Tools
A teacher's day is never long enough. You can, however, get more 
out of each day by taking advantage of the variety of teaching 
tools available on the Web. Whether you need help with 
administrative tasks, lesson planning, curriculum materials, or 
parent communication, you're sure to find what you need at one of 
these sites.

A Techtorial: Narrating PowerPoint Slide Shows
Recorded narration adds an element that can effectively 
compliment a PowerPoint slide show. Using recorded narration, you 
can add to your presentations a spoken version of the written 
text, songs or choral readings related to the presentation topic, 
interviews with topic experts, and more.

Cool School of the Week
Eastview High School, Apple Valley, MN.

The Inter-Activity Center
The National Education Technology Plan wants YOU!

EXCEL-lent Middle School Math Lessons!
Can a computer program motivate math students weary of "drill and 
kill"? Teachers all over the country use Microsoft Excel in ways 
that excite students about the power of math in everyday life. 
This week, Education World talks with Illinois middle school 
teacher Kelly McMahon about three important roles Excel plays in 
her seventh- and eighth-grade classrooms.

Technology Integration Ideas that Work
The Education World Tech Team offers lessons and activities to 
help educators make better use of technology tools for 
instruction, and to help students improve their technology skills 
within the context of the regular curriculum.


Saving a Community's Heart: The Small Rural School
At the center of many small, rural communities is the school -- 
and as states look for ways to save money, more small districts 
are being consolidated. The Rural School and Community Trust, 
though, argues that rural students benefit from small, local 

No Educator Left Behind: Affect of Testing on Children
What affect does high-stakes testing have on children?

Responsive Classroom Practices Teach the Whole Child
As part of its Lessons from Our Nation's Schools series, 
Education World recently visited two elementary schools that use 
the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching and learning. By 
intertwining social and academic learning, advocates of the 
Responsive Classroom system say, children become more independent 
learners and more considerate people.

News Scoops: Education News Headlines for Busy Educators
1. Republicans Criticize NCLB -- Members of Virginia's 
Republican-dominated House of Delegates recently blasted the 
federal No Child Left Behind Act, voting 98-1 to ask Congress to 
exempt states like Virginia that have established testing 
2. School District Bans Honor Rolls -- Nashville, Tennessee, 
schools have stopped publicizing school honor rolls, after some 
parents complained that their children could be ostracized for 
not making the list. Schools also may stop displaying 
high-scoring work in the halls.
3. Study: States Make Progress on NCLB -- The Center on Education 
Policy reviewed the second year of the implementation of the 
federal No Child Left Behind Act, and found that most states and 
districts are trying hard to meet the mandates and agree with the 
laws goals, some of the requirements are unworkable.
4. Teaching Spelling Making a Comeback -- After decades of being 
deemphasized in schools, spelling is making a comeback in U.S. 
schools. Research is showing that good spellers are made, not 
born, and practice is the key to spelling success.
5. Schools Weigh Banning 'Evolution' -- Georgia's state school 
superintendent has proposed removing the word 'evolution' from 
the state's science curriculum, and replacing it with the phrase 
"biological changes over time." The concept of evolution still 
would be taught.

The Weekly Survey
Should parents have a say in which teachers their children are 


Principals Solve Inclusion Challenges
Five members of Education World's "Principal Files" team are 
facing -- and overcoming -- the obstacles to inclusion. In spite 
of budget and staffing constraints, they are committed to 
educating all students in the least restrictive setting.

How I Handled An Undercurrent of Griping
I sensed an undercurrent of griping and some less-than-positive 
attitudes among staff members, so I knew I had to take some 
action. What were the issues? Knowing those issues would be the 
first step in the process of transforming gripers into a group.

Principal Profile
Beth Burt, Scott Johnson Elementary in Huntsville, Texas.

Innovation grants encourage collaboration, creativity.

Conventions and Conferences
What's coming up?

Join the Conversation
The differences between teaching and administering...

"Story Bits" Strategy Works
Principal Addie Gaines latches on to any strategy that will make 
reading more meaningful for the K-4 students at Kirbyville 
(Missouri) Elementary School. This summer Gaines read about a 
strategy called Story Bits. She decided it was a strategy worth 
introducing to her staff. But Gaines took that idea one step 
farther. She takes a few minutes out of each staff meeting to 
model the strategy.

Principals Recommend Best Professional Books
This week is Children's Book Week, so we thought we'd ask school 
principals to recommend the "best professional books" around!


At Home with Math
Elementary, my dear math major, elementary!

American Journeys
American history firsthand, for middle and high school and up.

Simple Steps to Better Dental Health
Comprehensive site on dental health.

Education World®





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