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What's new at Web English Teacher?

Happy new year!
I have long admired the French custom of sending New Year's greetings
instead of Christmas cards. Teachers especially can appreciate the idea of
one less thing to do before Christmas. (Hallmark, are you listening?) Here's
to the best of 2003--may it be healthy, happy, and full of adventure for you
and those you love!
Inside this issue:
 1. New pages at Web English Teacher
 2. New ideas, Web sites that might be interesting
 3. E-mail servers and filters
 4. The real voyage of discovery ...
1. New Pages:
  * John Donne
   Lessons and activities for working with the poetry
   and meditations.

  * Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
   Lessons designed for grade 4 through high school
   based on The Hound of the Baskervilles and other
   stories featuring Sherlock Holmes.

  * John Reynolds Gardiner
   Lessons based on the children's book Stone Fox.

  * Thomas Hardy
   These lessons focus on Hardy's poetry.

  * Scott O'Dell
   This updated page now has suggestions for teaching
   Sing Down the Moon in addition to ideas for teaching
   Island of the Blue Dolphins.

  * Katherine Paterson
   Paterson, one of the few writers to win the Newbery Award
   twice, wrote the children's book A Bridge to Terabithia
   and the YA books Jacob have I Loved and Lyddie.

  * The Taming of the Shrew
   Lesson plans and activities for this Shakespearean comedy.

  * Robert Kimmel Smith
   Ideas for teaching Chocolate Fever and The War with Grandpa
2. New Ideas

  * Blood at the Source
   Tips from a published writer of mysteries on how to do
   background research. These might put a new spin on the
   traditional research paper.

  * Harry Potter Haiku
   Students demonstrate comprehension through creative writing.

  * Michael Swanwick's Periodic Table of Science Fiction
   Each element of the periodic table tells a story related
   in some way to its name. For example, click on "tungsten"
   for light bulb jokes. Not all the stories are appropriate
   for school (see "Krypton" and "Xenon"), but all demonstrate
   a clever mix of science and storytelling.

  * Playing Shakespeare
   Students practice a simple text analysis technique and work
   with movement, gesture, and stage combat as ways to physically
   interpret the text.

  * Wise Pockets
   This site provides lesson ideas for trade books that can help
   young children learn about personal finance.
3. E-mail servers and filters
  Research suggests that 30-40% of all e-mail is spam--those messages that
promise free grant money, cheap printer cartridges, and lascivious rewards
if we will just "click here." It does more than waste our time; it clogs up
the Internet. Spam has annoyed so many of us that programmers have figured
out a way to sort e-mail and zap spam before it even hits our mailboxes.
  AOL's new version 8.0 is the most recent demonstration of this
capability. It automatically sorts mail by checking incoming items against
the names in a user's address book. If the mail matches an address, it is
routed into a "high priority" folder. Other mail goes into a "low
priority-might be spam" folder.
  AOL at least lets the user make the decision. Many school servers and
other ISPs sort mail at the server level, deleting anything that looks like
it might contain a virus or spam before it even makes its way to the user's
mailbox. The filters look for senders with strings of numbers in the name or
for certain "hot" words. They also check for mail sent via mailing list,
like the Web English Teacher newsletter.
  AOL users on version 8.0 can make sure this newsletter goes into the High
Priority folder by clicking on "reply" to this newsletter. You don't have to
click send; just click on "reply" long enough to get this address into your
address book.
  Other readers will have to work with individual ISPs. If you receive this
newsletter today, all is well for now. Be alert to announcements of any new
filters. It is possible for your tech person to set the filter to admit this
newsletter and still filter out unwanted mail.

4. "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but
in having new eyes." -- Marcel Proust

Carla Beard
Web English Teacher
This newsletter is copyright 2003, Web English Teacher.  Permission is
granted to forward it as long as this copyright notice is included.

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