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NEW THIS WEEK for January 29, 2004


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Learn about Cuban dissidents, then read about the Super Bowl, bird
flu, elections, dinosaurs, Dickens, Whistler, Harold Washington, air
travel safety tips, and how to check up on your babysitter in
California.  Finally, pucker up with a great site on vinegar (featuring
a great recipe for bruschetta).

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Mexican farm workers, mad cow disease, cognac, chemistry, wine
selection, and more.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors


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                              NEW THIS WEEK


    Daily reporting from independent journalists inside Cuba,
    and other writers. Includes information about jailed Cuban
    journalists and writers. Searchable. Also available in
    Spanish and French.
    Subjects: Cuba -- News...
    Created by kgs

    Advertising at the Super Bowl: The Full Coverage
    This site features information about Super Bowl advertising,
    including news stories, historical statistics back to 1967,
    and a chart of advertisers for the current Super Bowl. The
    site charges a fee for some of the news stories and for
    Super Bowl reports from past years. From
    Subjects: Television advertising -- United States...
    Created by je

    America in Caricature, 1765-1865
    This online exhibition presents a selection of American
    political cartoons from the Lilly Library, Indiana
    University, Bloomington. "The caricatures depict times of
    turbulence in American history and range in date from the
    Revolutionary War to the War of 1812 and to the presidential
    elections of 1860 and 1864 which brought Abraham Lincoln to
    the White House." Includes an introductory essay and images
    of over two dozen cartoons.
    Subjects: Political cartoons...
    Created by mcb

    Avian Influenza: Fact Sheet
    Brief information "about the significance for human health
    of avian influenza." The site discusses the impact and
    control of the bird flu in animals, the H5N1 version of the
    bird flu "which began in mid-December 2003 in the Republic
    of Korea and is now being seen in other Asian countries,"
    and clinical course and treatment in humans. From the World
    Health Organization (WHO).
    Subjects: Avian influenza...
    Created by mcb

    Basic Information About Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
    Information about the bird flu, including a list of
    confirmed instances of avian influenza viruses infecting
    humans since 1997, and symptoms in humans and birds.
    Includes links to related information. From the Centers for
    Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
    Subjects: Avian influenza...
    Created by mcb

    The Blogging of the President: 2004
    In addition to the archives of a National Public Radio (NPR)
    show on the topic of blogging and its relationship to the
    2004 presidential campaign, find discussions and resources
    related to candidates, politics, blogging, and much more.
    Subjects: Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 2004...
    Created by kgs

    Child Care Aware
    This group "is a non-profit initiative committed to helping
    parents find the best information on locating quality child
    care and child care resources in their community." The
    "Child Care Connector" provides information about locating
    child care resources based on ZIP code. Site also includes
    publications on utilizing child care and a newsletter.
    Available in English and Spanish. From the National
    Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies
    Subjects: Child care...
    Created by ksb

    Conflict Prevention, Recovery and Peacebuilding:
    Reconstruction of Afghanistan: Afghan Constitution Resource
    This site features browsable "commentaries and documents on
    the drafting of a new constitution for Afghanistan. These
    include options papers commissioned by CIC's Afghanistan
    Reconstruction Project. In most cases, the original paper is
    in English. Translations into Dari and Pashto are posted as
    they become available." Also includes related links. From
    the Center on International Cooperation (CIC) at New York
    University (NYU).
    Subjects: Constitutions -- Afghanistan...
    Created by mcb

    Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF)
    This group "is a non-profit, non-partisan, community-based
    organization dedicated to educating America's young people
    about the importance of civic participation in a democratic
    society. ... CRF develops, produces, and distributes
    programs and materials to teachers, students," and the
    public. The site features lesson plans on subjects such as
    terrorism and school violence, a "This Month in History"
    calendar, and related links. Searchable.
    Subjects: Civics -- Study and teaching...
    Created by mcb

    This site provides information about dinosaurs, with a
    special emphasis on fossils in European museums. Features
    general information about dinosaurs, anatomy, a glossary, a
    children's section, maps, lists, images, and publications.
    The "Eurodino Database Project" (browsable by fossil,
    museum, or country) aims to document "the originals or casts
    of each dinosaur in each museum in Europe." Searchable. From
    a Dutch dinosaur enthusiast affiliated with European
    paleontologists. The information given outweighs some errors
    in English language usage.
    Subjects: Dinosaurs...
    Created by sf

    Discovering Dickens
    Participate in a weekly reading event (held in early 2004)
    with this online re-enactment of the serial publication of
    Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities." Sign up for e-mail
    reminders, or simply download issues as they are made
    available. Also find materials from earlier reading events.
    From Stanford University.
    Subjects: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870...
    Created by kgs

    Ecolex: A Gateway to Environmental Law
    A searchable, global database on environmental law. It
    includes bibliographic information for treaties, national
    legislation, court decisions, and literature from
    international journals and monographs. Links are made to
    full text if available. Also in French and Spanish. From the
    Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United
    Nations, the World Conservation Union (IUCN), and the United
    Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
    Subjects: Environmental law...
    Created by dl

    Election 2004: Hot-Button Campaign Issues
    "NPR [National Public Radio] examines the key issues voters
    are pondering as they choose which candidate to back" in the
    2004 presidential election. Features a series of reports on
    issues such as health care, homeland security, job growth
    and the economy, taxes, the personality of President George
    W. Bush, and the occupation of Iraq. Includes audio files
    and links to related NPR stories.
    Subjects: Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 2004...
    Created by je

    Government Views of Iraq
    A list of links arranged by subject of government documents
    and other primary resources, most of which are from the
    United States. "Resources include ... Congressional Hearings
    and Resolutions, Federal Agency reports, transcripts of
    press conferences and briefings, USAID Fact Sheets,
    legislation, news releases and Presidential Communications
    ... United Nations Security Council Resolutions, the Geneva
    Conventions and Protocols, [and] selected international
    treaties." From Grace-Ellen McCrann of the Cohen Library,
    the City College of New York.

    Subjects: Iraq...
    Created by dl

    Grown in Marin
    This site was created "so that families, organizations and
    businesses can get to know [the] agricultural producers and
    heritage" of Marin County, California. This searchable or
    browsable site provides information about farms, farm stays
    and tours, farmers' markets, stores, restaurants, and
    processors as well as a brief history of Marin agriculture.
    There are also links to newsletters, reports, and other
    agricultural resources.
    Subjects: Agriculture -- California -- Marin County...
    Created by nh

    Harold Washington: The Man and the Movement
    This site accompanies an exhibit at the Chicago Historical
    Society commemorating the life and work of Chicago's first
    Black mayor, who served from 1983 until his death in 1987.
    The site features a virtual walk-through of the exhibit, an
    image gallery, and a brief timeline. Also includes links to
    related sites.
    Subjects: Washington, Harold, 1922-1987...
    Created by mcb

    This site contains over 400 separate historical articles and
    descriptions of approximately 4,000 world events, with an
    emphasis on English history. Material is searchable or
    browsable by time period, topic, and location. Also includes
    timelines and an online game where visitors can pit their
    historical knowledge against that of other competitors. Part
    of the National Grid for Learning, Great Britain.
    Subjects: History
    Created by sf

    Long-Term Socio-Economic Forecasts by County
    Biennial socio-economic forecasts, with history and
    long-term projections, for all counties in California.
    Includes statistics on wage and salary job creation,
    population growth, migration, industrial production, and
    other factors. Forecasts available back to 2000 for some
    counties; 2002 for others. From the California Department of
    Subjects: California -- Economic conditions -- Statistics...
    Created by dl

    Lost King of the Maya
    This site is a companion to a Public Broadcasting Service
    (PBS) NOVA program that "follows the work of archaeologists
    who are using new excavations and hieroglyphic translations
    to interpret the early history of Copán, a Classic Maya site
    in northern Honduras." The site features excerpts from
    explorer John Lloyd Stephens' 1839 account of seeing Copán,
    a map, information about Mayan hieroglyphics, a program
    transcript, video clips, teaching materials, and related
    Subjects: Mayas -- Antiquities...
    Created by sf

    The Mac Turns 20: Looking Back on the Mac
    This 2004 report from Macworld features "thoughts on 20
    years of the Mac's influence" from Roger Ebert, John C.
    Dvorak, and other "Mac visionaries." Also features
    Macworld's interview with Steve Jobs discussing the 20th
    anniversary of the Macintosh computer.
    Subjects: Macintosh (Computer)...
    Created by je

    Mr. Whistler's Galleries: Avant-Garde in Victorian London
    Online exhibit about artist James McNeill Whistler
    (18341903), who "was as renowned for his radically spare,
    avant-garde exhibition designs and flamboyant,
    self-promotional personality as for his artwork." Features
    biographical information on Whistler, a timeline, examples
    of his art, a bibliography, and related links. From the
    Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery,
    Smithsonian Institution.
    Subjects: Whistler, James McNeill, 1834-1903...
    Created by sf

    Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)
    PBGC "protects the retirement incomes of nearly 44.3 million
    American workers in more than 31,000 private defined benefit
    pension plans." Site provides information about this
    government agency, which was created by the Employee
    Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) to take over
    responsibility for paying pension benefits from companies
    that terminate plans. Includes information about specific
    plans, the application process, and participant services.
    Subjects: Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation...
    Created by saw

    Rule of Law and Cuba
    The focus of this Web site is the rule of law in Cuba, with
    a special emphasis on the "Spring 2003 arrest and conviction
    of some 75 Cuban political dissidents." Includes reports,
    sentencing documents, Cuban legal codes, profiles of the
    dissidents, a bibliography, and a chronology of the events
    during and after the crackdown. Some material in French and
    Spanish; portions of the site are Spanish-only (awaiting
    translation). From The Center for the Advancement of Human
    Rights at Florida State University.
    Subjects: Human rights -- Cuba...
    Created by kgs

    The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook
    This site provides information based on declassified
    documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act
    (FOIA) about the U.S.-Iraq relationship. It provides
    annotated images of documents relating to the U.S.
    relationship with Iraq in the early 1980s, weapons of mass
    destruction, Desert Storm, and 1992 Iraqi war criminals.
    Also includes aerial photos. From the National Security
    Archive at the George Washington University Library.
    Subjects: Hussein, Saddam, 1937- ...
    Created by dl

    Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan: Constitutional
    This site provides information about the process of creating
    and adopting a constitution in Afghanistan. Features the
    draft constitution and information about the Drafting
    Commission, the Constitutional Commission, the
    Constitutional Loya Jirga (CLJ), and opportunities for
    public education and consultation. Available in English,
    Pashtu, and Dari.
    Subjects: Constitutions -- Afghanistan...
    Created by mcb

    Transportation Security Administration: Air Travel
    Security tips for air travel in the United States, including
    information about how to pack, whether to lock suitcases,
    and what to leave at home. "The tips and informative
    materials ... [on this site] will ensure a brief, yet
    thorough security experience at any of the 429 airports
    serviced by TSA [the Transportation Security
    Subjects: Airports -- Security measures...
    Created by kgs

    TrustLine: California's Background Check for In-Home Child
    This database of "nannies and baby-sitters that have cleared
    criminal background checks" is "the only authorized
    screening program of in-home caregivers in the state with
    access to fingerprint records at the California Department
    of Justice and the FBI." Provides the toll-free number to
    access the database, tips on choosing a provider, links to
    referral agencies, and related links. Administered by the
    California Department of Social Services and the California
    Child Care Resource and Referral Network.
    Subjects: Child care workers -- California -- Registers...
    Created by ksb

    United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
    Features information about the programs, scholarships, and
    member colleges of this "minority higher education
    assistance organization." Include a timeline of the
    organization, information about scholarships for students
    attending historically Black colleges and universities, and
    profiles of member colleges (browsable by name and
    Subjects: United Negro College Fund...
    Created by sf

    Versatile Vinegar
    Extensive information about vinegar, including "history,
    statistics, household and laundry tips, recipes, up to date
    news as well as vinegar's health and medicinal benefits."
    The section on specialty vinegars includes an explanation of
    the distinction between traditional and commercial balsamic
    vinegar. The brief but excellent list of recipes also
    features useful cooking tips. From the Vinegar Institute, an
    international trade organization.
    Subjects: Vinegar...
    Created by kgs

    Writers in Prison
    This Web site features writers who have been imprisoned for
    what they write or for their peaceful political activities.
    In addition to extensive information about jailed writers
    worldwide, find information about a rapid action network,
    and background about writers in exile. Includes a "Prisoner
    of the Month." From the Writers in Prison Committee of
    International PEN, a writers' organization.
    Subjects: Authors...
    Created by kgs

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