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NEW THIS WEEK for January 1, 2004


                Tip of the Week: Nothing to "Wine" About

Our next theme collection is tentatively called "Wines of California
and Washington State."  (You might have guessed that from our entries
this week!)  Do you have favorite high-quality Web sites relateld to
wine?  Share them with us at suggestions@xxxxxxx .  And look for the
wine collection sometime in mid-January.


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resources related to wine, grapes, vineyards, and more.

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Bon appetit, and Happy New Year!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
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                              NEW THIS WEEK

    Send Aid to Iranian Earthquake Victims
    This site facilitates online donations for aid to the
    victims of the December 2003 earthquake in Iran. From the
    National Iranian American Council, which is "working with
    various US-based charities, including the American Red Cross
    and Mercy Corps, to facilitate aid to Iranian earthquake
    Subjects: Earthquakes -- Iran
    Created by kgs

    The "Living, Audio" Wine Dictionary
    This site provides "a collection of [brief] definitions and
    audio recordings of wine terminology and wine/winery names"
    for over 1000 mainly French, German, Italian, and Spanish
    terms (over half have audio). Includes definitions for
    regions and related terms. Searchable and browsable.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Terminology
    Created by mjc

    The Alchemist's Wine Perspective
    Wine and winemaking "articles, reviews and commentary from
    an educational viewpoint." Wines are reviewed using the
    author's CNFATE (pronounced "sin-fate") tasting system,
    which assigns numerical values for color, nose, fruit, acid,
    tannin, and end. Includes discussions of recommendations and
    articles on topics such as making champagne, the acidity of
    wine, and temperature and the aging of wine. From a
    chemistry professor and wine collector.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making
    Created by je

    Budapesti Kádár: The Premier Hungarian Cooperage
    This site from a commercial cooperage in Hungary describes
    the production of wooden wine storage barrels made from
    Tokaj oaks. The site provides information about the Tokaj
    forests, and production techniques, including sourcing,
    aging, and toasting.
    Subjects: Coopers and cooperage -- Hungary
    Created by jh

    California EMF Program
    A state of California program studying "the possible health
    effects of electric and magnetic fields [EMF] from
    powerlines, appliances, and other uses of electricity." The
    site includes fact sheets, information about EMF at homes
    and at schools, descriptions of program activities and
    reports, and a glossary. From the California Department of
    Health Services.
    Subjects: Electromagnetic fields -- Health aspects
    Created by dfs

    California Grape Crush Reports
    Annual statistics on "grape tonnage crushed during the crop
    season, as well as purchased tonnage and pricing
    information" for California. Also provides definitions of
    California's 17 grape crush districts. Statistical charts
    date back to 1991 and are downloadable in several formats.
    From the California Agricultural Statistics Service (CASS).
    Subjects: Wines and winemaking -- California -- Statistics
    Created by je

    California Wineries
    A browsable directory of links to hundreds of California
    wineries' Web sites. There is also a less comprehensive
    selection of links to wineries in other states. From Wines &
    Subjects: Wineries -- California
    Created by mg

    Classics Unveiled
    This site consists of four sections with information culled
    from books on classical Greece and Rome. "MythNET" provides
    information about Greek gods and heroes and includes
    genealogical tables. "Rome Unleashed" provides information
    about Roman history and includes timelines and tables of
    rulers. "Rome Exposed" includes information about Roman life
    such as slavery, attire, and cuisine. "Latin Wordstock"
    features a Latin to English dictionary and a list of English
    derivatives from Latin. Searchable.
    Subjects: Mythology, Classical
    Created by lmr

    Cork From Tree to Bottle
    This photo essay from a commercial cork supply company
    illustrates the process of making natural corks for wine
    bottles. Covers the production process from harvesting the
    bark of living cork oak trees through boiling, drying,
    sorting, and quality assurance. From Cork Supply USA.
    Subjects: Bottle corks
    Created by je

    Educator's Reference Desk
    This site gives access to "2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links
    to online education information, and 200+ question archive
    responses. ... [It also] provides a search interface to the
    ERIC [Educational Resources Information Center] Database,
    providing access to over one million bibliographic records
    on educational research, theory, and practice." The database
    is updated monthly and includes citations from 1966 to the
    present. Searchable. From the Information Institute of
    Syracuse (IIS).
    Subjects: Education
    Created by saw

    Effervescent Wits
    This primer on champagne discusses the difference between
    champagne and sparkling wine, interpretation of champagne
    labels, proper storage, and how to serve and taste
    champagne. From Epicurious.
    Subjects: Champagne (Wine)
    Created by je

    Flying High for Fine Wine
    This site provides information about the use of "remote
    sensing, multi-spectral imagers mounted on planes ... to map
    the health of the vines across a vineyard in a matter of
    months instead of decades." Discusses NASA's efforts to
    improve California vineyards with airborne cameras to detect
    the vigor of plants as influenced by insect activity and
    other types of crop stress. From the National Aeronautics
    and Space Administration (NASA) Earth Observatory.
    Subjects: Agriculture -- Remote sensing
    Created by je

    Free the Grapes!
    The Web site for "a national, grassroots coalition of
    consumers and wineries who seek to remove restrictions in 24
    states that still prohibit consumers from purchasing wines
    directly from out-of-state wineries." Features background
    information about the issue, research, news, and action
    alerts for consumers and wineries.
    Subjects: Wine -- Buying
    Created by je

    German Wine Page
    This guide to German wine includes descriptions of growing
    regions and grape varieties, a brief history of German
    wines, an explanation of German wine labels, and tasting
    notes, comments, and opinions on vintages and German wines
    in general. There are links to related resources and a brief
    bibliography. From an individual who "love[s] fine German
    Subjects: Wine and winemaking -- Germany
    Created by mg

    Hmoob Kev Mob Nkeeg/Hmong Health Website
    This site provides basic health information in English and
    Hmong. It includes a health dictionary, information about
    traditional healing, library resources, and links to Hmong
    Web sites, as well as general family health information.
    Managed by medical librarians with the Northern Wisconsin
    Area Health Education Center, and sponsored by the National
    Library of Medicine.
    Subjects: Health
    Created by bb

    Leap Year
    This site provides easy-to-understand scientific background
    information on the concept of a leap year. Features
    illustrations and links to information on related
    astronomical events such as leap day, the calendar, seasons,
    vernal equinox, tropical year, century, and Gregorian,
    Iranian, and Julian calendrical systems. The author is a
    scientist with advanced degrees in physics and planetary
    Subjects: Leap year
    Created by jh

    Life in Vine: A Year in a Vineyard
    Based on an independent film, this site documents a year in
    Oregon vineyards. It includes maps which "take you closer
    and closer to the tiny corners of the earth where 'Life in
    Vine' takes place," introduces the people and places in the
    film, features an interactive calendar of the cycle followed
    by grape growers all over the world, and provides a glossary
    and director John Giraud's columns about the project.
    Subjects: Vineyards
    Created by mrm
    In addition to listing local wine events throughout the
    world (browsable by location, date, or name of event), this
    site also has classified advertisements and links for all
    sorts of wine and wine related products, tours, classes,
    clubs, publications, and job opportunities. Listed events
    include wine festivals, tastings, dinners, auctions,
    seminars, lectures, and more. There is an event submission
    form and a sign-up for e-mail notification of events in
    specific places.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making
    Created by mg

    Web site for the museum in The Hague, Netherlands, whose
    "collection consists of masterpieces from the Dutch Golden
    Age, including paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Steen and
    Frans Hals," and other Dutch and Flemish art from the 15th
    to the 17th century. Features visitor information,
    exhibition schedule, and images of works from the museum's
    collections. Searchable. In English and Dutch.
    Subjects: Art museums
    Created by mlc

    NOAH: The National Organization for Albinism and
    "NOAH is a volunteer organization for persons and families
    involved with the condition of albinism. It does not
    diagnose, treat, or provide genetic counseling. It is
    involved in self-help, while trying to promote research and
    education." The site provides information bulletins on
    topics such as ocular albinism and sun protection;
    information for children with albinism, including vision and
    education issues; discussion forums; and related links. Some
    material available in Spanish.
    Subjects: Albinos and albinism
    Created by ha

    Oceanweather: Current Marine Data
    "These pages show current marine data from ... models and
    observational data worldwide. This service is provided for
    the enjoyment of the marine/meteorological community and is
    not intended for commercial purposes." Browse data by
    region. Each region includes visual representations of wave
    height, marine observations, and sea surface temperatures.
    From Oceanweather, Inc., a coastal and ocean engineering
    consulting firm.
    Subjects: Marine meteorology
    Created by sf

    Origins & History of Selected Traditional Christmas Foods
    From candy canes to wassail and eggnog, this site provides
    brief information and links about how favorite Christmas
    foods came to be associated with the holiday. There are also
    links to information about Christmas foods around the world
    and from various historical periods. From the Morris County
    Library in New Jersey.
    Subjects: Christmas cookery
    Created by dlm

    Rioja and Navarra Wines
    This site presents brief facts on wine production in the
    northern Spanish regions of Rioja and Navarra. It includes a
    list of permitted grape varieties for each region, vintage
    ratings, aging requirements, a Spanish-English wine
    glossary, and links to related sites. From a translation
    company located in Spain.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Spain -- La Rioja
    Created by jh

    SF Weekly:
    The online version of the SF Weekly, one of San Francisco's
    free weekly newspapers. This site is a good source for
    entertainment listings and reviews, including art, music,
    film, stage, and dining. Browse the highlights, or search by
    category and date. Also includes news and features,
    classifieds, and personal ads. Searchable archive goes back
    to 1995.
    Subjects: San Francisco (Calif.) -- Newspapers
    Created by ac

    Swizzle Sticks Collection
    "Generally made of plastic, glass, sometimes metal, swizzle
    sticks are part of objects which are collected from bars.
    ... Ordinarily swizzle sticks bear a brand logo." Browse
    images of these colorful sticks used to mix cocktails and
    other drinks by type of beverage (alcoholic and
    nonalcoholic), or by company (such as hotel, cruise company,
    or airline). Available in English and French.
    Subjects: Hospitality industry -- Collectibles
    Created by mcb

    Trail of the Hellhound: Delta Blues in the Lower Mississippi
    This site "provides an overview of two distinct styles of
    blues [Delta and Memphis Blues] practiced in the Lower
    Mississippi Valley, extensive biographies of the region's
    greatest blues musicians [including Robert Johnson, Bessie
    Smith, and Skip James], and pictures and descriptions of
    sites to visit." Includes audio and video clips. From the
    National Park Service.
    Subjects: Blues (Music)
    Created by tm

    U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau
    Established by Congress in 1920, the Women's Bureau "is the
    only federal agency mandated to represent the needs of
    wage-earning women in the public policy process." The site
    provides information about regional offices, fact sheets and
    other publications, statistics, press releases, and
    speeches. Also includes information about bureau history,
    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and links to
    state resources. Searchable.
    Subjects: United States. Department of Labor
    Created by nbh

    The online companion to the print magazine of the same name
    features selected articles, a directory of wine making
    equipment suppliers, a sulfite calculator, a downloadable
    log chart, charts of ingredients and yeast strains, a guide
    to common grapes, and other resources for the wine making
    hobbyist. Also includes a gallery of wine label design
    contest winners. Searchable.
    Subjects: Wines and winemaking -- Amateurs' manuals
    Created by je
    This site explores the history and current viticulture of
    Hungary, including its wine regions such as Tokaj, the wine
    from which was termed "the 'wine of kings, king of wines,'
    ... by the Sun King, Louis XIV." The site features a
    description of Hungarian grape varieties, a list of wine
    names, information about wineries, and a glossary of
    Hungarian wine terms. Available in English and Hungarian.
    From a Hungarian wine enthusiast.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Hungary
    Created by jh

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