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Here we go . . . .  You have to try it out.

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[EDInfo] Teaching Resources: Energy, Life Sciences, Mark Twain and More

Halloween Resources
Happy Halloween Enjoyment - 11 year olds and Fishnets, Eye Candy, History, and Songs.

ECP Community - Congratulations to the Early Adapters
ECP Community - K-12 Newsletters, NetHappenings, Network Newsletters, CreoleTalk, Diversity University Collaboratory This is about Change. Thanks to all the people who visited the blog yesterday. There was a lot of activity People are linking to it from the sites and blogs. People are also subscribing to the feed.

No More Music Class. It's the new way of teaching kids music.
Welcome to the new way of teaching kids music. As music classes are squeezed out of many schools in order to permit more time on math and reading, teachers are looking for new ways to integrate music into classrooms.


Vint Cerf Leaves ICANN
Copyright Law and Fair - Use
Microsoft beat out Google for Facebook
2007 Nobel Laureates Announced
Street Lit Takes a Hit: Urban Lit: Tough Tales From the Streets
Cruel and Unusual: Sentencing 13- and 14-Year-Old Children to Die in Prison
ECP Community - Congratulations to the Early Adapters
Google's Ad Success Has Lessons For Television
Jail Library Finds slide show

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