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Happy Reading Everyone

Happy St. Modomnoc's Day Feb. 13th
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The Worst School Cafeterias
Federal food-safety standards call for cafeterias to be inspected
twice a year. District of Columbia school cafeterias ranked among
the worst, with a "failing" score. Schools in Fort Worth, Texas, had the highest.

K12 State School Board info is pathetic online joke.
A Cincinnati Enquirer examination late last month of 63 public school websites
in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky shows that 73 percent don't
list direct phone numbers for school board members; 40 percent don't
offer direct e-mail addresses. And 33 percent of school systems offer neither.
Public school boards make decisions that affect thousands of families.
They control the spending of millions of tax dollars, reports Michael D. Clark.
They decide sweeping policy issues. Yet in many cases, people who
want to be heard on such important issues get no help when it
comes to using school district websites. And those who take the time
to show up at a board meeting often run into strict time limits of five minutes or less.

Why Kids are Afraid to stand up to Bullies
Ken Rigby and Bruce Johnson's research document bullying at schools;
and  children serve as passive bystanders to bullying. Why don't they intervene
and when it's appropriate for them to do so?

Pledge of Alligence in English
After days of public debate over the appropriateness of a North Carolina
student saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Superintendent Peter Gorman has decided it will be recited only in English
at graduations and other districtwide events.

Dress Codes, Character Education, Recommmended Resources
Bastards of the Party: The Evolution of Bangin'
It documents how the CRIPS and Bloods emerged from the ashes
of the Black Panther Party and how the closing of the 14 largest
factories in the LA area took the hope of unskilled workers and
handed it over to offshore drug dealers and onshore programs that
kept money for counseling/intervention for themselves and was
used as an excuse for class division along racial lines.

Gifted Kids - Just don't let them get bored.
Parents Guide to Gifted Educational Resources
School district's efforts to meet gifted students' needs by offering
appropriate challenges, including an analysis of his interests and
learning styles, differentiated instruction and accelerated content
in advanced instructional groups in both math and reading.

Small classrooms not important after 3rd Grade.
Research shows that small classrooms are beneficial during a child's
earliest school years, reports Clarke Canfield for the Associated Press.
But there is little evidence that shows a correlation between class size
and student achievement beyond the third grade, education researchers say.

What is important for the preschool kids.
Skills Check List

Reading First Flunks
The flagship program for evidence-based reform in NCLB was Reading First,
a $1 billion per year program designed to give high-poverty schools proven
reading programs to use in grades K-3. Instead, Reading First money
has gone primarily to traditional basal textbooks lacking any evidence
of effectiveness
Press reports have shown how the department's Reading First technical
assistance contractors had serious conflicts of interest. The leaders of
two of the three centers were on the design team for one of the most
widely adopted remedial programs under Reading First, and were
authors of one of the major basal textbooks (Manzo, 2006; Grunwald, 2006).

2007 1 Million in all the K-12 online classes
across the US Los Angeles Times reports.

Copyright Law and Music

DRM Explained

Music Deals
Steve Jobs Apple CEO's says labels should drop DRM
Digital-rights-management (DRM) technologies aren't "deterring illicit copying of music."
British recording giant EMI plans to offer "a broad swath of its
recordings" for sale online without DRM.

Wildlife Protection Network

PBS "The Last Great Ape"
With its intelligent gaze, humanlike posture, and peaceful nature,
it's no wonder the bonobo, one of five great apes, reminds us of
ourselves. But while we share a common hominoid ancestor with bonobos
as well as 98 percent of our DNA, this unique primate has been
largely overlooked by all but a few scientists. Bonobos live in a
region that has been consumed by war, which threatens their habitat
and survival. Can we learn more about these intriguing, intelligent
apes before it's too late? By interviewing leading experts and
traveling into the field, NOVA shines a spotlight on the
extraordinary behavior of the endangered bonobo.
The Bonobo in All of Us
     Primatologist Frans de Waal on what the "make-love-not-war"
     primate tells us about ourselves
Read My Lips
     See a slide show of bonobo gestures and facial expressions, and
     find out what they mean.
Kanzi the Bonobo
     In this audio slide show, researcher Sue Savage-Rumbaugh
     describes one extraordinarily linguistic ape.
Our Family Tree
     See (and hear) where you stand among the great apes in this
     audiovisual interactive.


Grants and Scholarships

"Student Documentary Competition"
C-SPAN StudentCam is an annual documentary competition that invites
students to identify a current political topic of interest and produce a short
(up to ten minute) video documentary that creatively explores an issue while
integrating C-SPAN programming.
Maximum Award: $3,000 in digital equipment for school.
Eligibility: individual or teams of students grades 6-8 or grades 9- 12;
Deadline: March 30, 2007.

"Encouraging Students to Learn More About Energy
Conservation & the Environment"
The National Igniting Creative Energy Challenge is an educational
competition designed to encourage students to learn more about
energy conservation and the environment. Student entries must
reflect the theme "Igniting Creative Energy" and demonstrate an
understanding of what an individual, family or group can do to
make a difference in their home or community.
Maximum Award: $1,000.
Eligibility: students in grades K-12.
Deadline: February 17, 2007.

"Grants for Public Beautification and Horticultural Education"
Fiskars Project Orange Thumb grants award Fiskars Garden
Tools and materials such as plants, seeds, mulch, etc. to eligible gardening groups.
Maximum Award: $1,500 in implements and materials.
Eligibility: gardens and/or gardening projects geared toward community involvement, neighborhood beautification, horticultural education and/or sustainable agriculture.
Deadline: February 28, 2007.

"Recruiting Bright and Ambitious People into the World of Education Policy"
Fordham Fellows is a program designed to initiate talented, serious education
reformers into the world of national education policy. Our goal is to bring
together a cadre of the sharpest minds in American education and put
them to work immediately in some of the nation's top policy shops.
They'll be surrounded by intelligent, goal-oriented, hard-working
veterans of the education policy arena.
Primary deadline is March 15, 2007.

"Awards for Excellence in Educating Students About Math,
Science, Technology & Engineering"
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Foundation
Classroom Grants are awarded to encourage excellence in educating
students about math, science, technology, and engineering.
Eligibility: current AIAA Educator Associate or AIAA Professional
members actively engaged as K-12 classroom educators.
Maximum Award: $200. Deadline: N/A.

"Recognizing Excellence in Teaching History"
The American Historical Association Beveridge Family Teaching Prize
recognizes excellence and innovation in elementary, middle school,
and secondary history teaching, including career contributions and specific initiatives.
Maximum Award: $1,500.
Eligibility: K-12 teachers in groups.
Deadline: March 15, 2007.

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