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Date:         Mon, 14 Mar 2005 13:55:10 -0500
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Greetings Big6 eNewsletter Readers,

Announcing:   The new Big6 eNewsletter issue is ready for you today!

Please follow this link to find the March Quarterly Online issue -- you'll
find the blinking "New" Big6 eNewsletter notice here:

The March 2005 issue contains outstanding articles from educators in the
U.S. and around the world who use the Big6!  Colleagues from Pennsylvania to
California, and from Yale University to Israel would like to share their
Big6 experiences and lessons with you now.

NOTE:  Please forward this announcement to other state or local educational
listserv to which you subscribe!  We'd like to make as many people aware of
this issue as possible. Thank you for spreading the enews!

6 Feature Article Titles:
Assessing Student Learning Outcomes (Grades 9 - 10)
by: Reuven Werber
This article outlines the first step towards a comprehensive assessment of a
school's information literacy program.

The Big6 Rocks My Sox: Teaching to Teenagers=92 Standards (Grades 9 - 12)
by: Elizabeth A. Sabol
Read about one school's epidemic of "Big6 Fever" and meet the library media
specialist who started it all.

The BRIDGE (Building Relationships in Different Generations) Project and
Big6 (Grades 4 - 6)
by: Laura Robinson
This article describes an innovative project that helps young students learn
Big6 skills while they explore healthy lifestyles.

The Great Indian Civilizations Unit Note-Taking Lesson: Note-taking Using
PowerPoint Note Cards (Grade 6)
by: Cathy Lechien, Heidi M. Welham
Sharpen your students' note-taking skills (an essential component of Big6
#4) with this rich unit.

Yale University=92s PACE Research Center and the Big6=99 (Grade 4)
by: Carrie Lowe
This article describes an important research project recently conducted by
Yale University's PACE Research Center that, among other things,
demonstrates the kind of difference Big6 can make in students=92 academic

Virtual Wisdom -- Have You Blogged Lately? Many Teenagers Have a Blog or
Know Someone Who Does! (Grades 9 - 12)
by: Rob Darrow
Blogs are not only an interesting way for Web users to communicate and keep
in touch with friends, but they are important from a Big6 perspective.

Susann L. Wurster
Executive Director
Big6 Associates
315-450-6406 (mobile)
315-443-4924 (desk)


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