[juneau-lug] Re: login time quota script

  • From: Kevin Miller <millerboys@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 11:16:02 -0900

Jamie wrote:
> No, no, no - not even close to geeky. ;-)

I know.  It's embarrassing, but I'm just an analog kind of guy.

> Actually our problem there is starting and stopping and being 
> interrupted.  And 2 kids and 1 kitchen timer. And we are busy and don't 
> always note their start time.

I have my kids police themselves.  Up to them to start the timer.  We 
give them an hour a day for play - academic work is unlimited. 
Sometimes they don't, but usually they do and it works out pretty well. 
  Sometimes they take liberties, but overall it's not too big an issue.

Maybe Linux Journal will come up with a coin/token operated linux box - 
they already rigged a pinball machine to a linux box.  Should be a small 
step to mod the coin mechanism, right?  Just give 'em 7 tokens and when 
the times up, the screen goes black!  <g>

> My first thought was a cron job that refreshes their allocation at 
> midnight.  Say put 60 minutes into ~.timekeeper.  Then check that at 
> logon time and again every minute while they are logged on and force a 
> logoff when it gets to 0.  Is there a semi-graceful way to force a logoff?

Beats me.

> But then I wondered hasn't someone already done this?  It would seem to 
> be an old task.  Hence my posting to the list.

Yeah, right - seems like someone must have done something like that 

> Thanks for your comeback.

Sorry I don't have a better answer...

Kevin Miller
Juneau, Alaska

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