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  • From: Jamie <jamie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 10:19:01 -0900

No, no, no - not even close to geeky. ;-)

Actually our problem there is starting and stopping and being 
interrupted.  And 2 kids and 1 kitchen timer. And we are busy and don't 
always note their start time.

My first thought was a cron job that refreshes their allocation at 
midnight.  Say put 60 minutes into ~.timekeeper.  Then check that at 
logon time and again every minute while they are logged on and force a 
logoff when it gets to 0.  Is there a semi-graceful way to force a logoff?

But then I wondered hasn't someone already done this?  It would seem to 
be an old task.  Hence my posting to the list.

Thanks for your comeback.

Kevin Miller wrote:

>Jamie wrote:
>>My kids have discovered online games, need I say more?.  Can anyone 
>>recommend a way to limit login time.  Preferably it would give warnings 
>>- "5 minutes left before auto logout" or similar.  I'd like to set a 
>>daily quota by user.
>>Thanks in advance,
>We just do it the old fashioned way with the kitchen timer.  It's mostly 

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