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Hi Christine,
My first question is in which application?  WORD I hope!
But allot of this might work for other MS applications.
Actually this is something I have really been needing to remind myself of
for my own job, so I am glad you asked.  It made me go back through my notes
and dig it up again.
Here's some helpful things I have in my Cheat Sheet List.
Insert (JAWS Key) plus number 5 will read the color of the text where the
cursor is sitting.

Pressing Insert (JAWS Key) with the alt key plus S (it's a stretch) will
bring up a list of scheme options that can be toggled on and off.  Color is
one of them.  Arrow down to it and press enter.  As you read with JAWS, and
the color changes, the color will be spoken before the text is read.
I can not figure out how to Find text with any color, but here is how to
find a specific color:
Press CTL F for the find menu,

Be sure the find edit box is empty of any text.

Tab to format.  It will be after the cancel button.

If you don't hear it, look for the MORE button.  Press enter and tab again.
You will find lots of options to search for:  mixed case, whole words, wild
card etc.

Press enter on the Format button.

You will land on the Font... menu option.  Press enter.

Tab until you here FONT color.  Arrow up down, left or right until you hear
the color you need to search for.  

Press enter.

Tab to OK.

You should be back on the original Find page.  

Press enter and any text in the color you chose will be located.


This Find specification will remain until you edit WORD, not just the

So if you want to stop searching for a color you can either open a new
session of WORD or use the steps above to set the color back to auto.

If you ever need To check/remind yourself which color is being searched, you
can check the font & color attributes for what is in the FIND edit box
dialogue by route  JAWS to PC cursor (insert numpad minus) and arrow down.
This will read what attributes are being searched.

It is very easy to get lost if you end up looking for different colors.


I hope someone has an answer on how to search for any color.  Often we have
documents where Sally puts her comments in Pink, while  Tom puts his in


Barbara Anne   


We don't have to change friends, if We understand that friends change. 

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is there any way to search by a color?  I need this for my job.

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