Re: question about getting more jaws keys

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  • Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 22:08:35 +0300

first of all, they will update that to 3 keys and add just 2 keys to your 
current 1.
go to the following page:
and press the "continue product activation button".
Then, look for a link to reset your keys.
type all the needed information and they will get back to you by email.
The reset usually takes about 3 - 4 days.


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  Hi all, Haven't asked a question on thislist for ages! Reason being is that 
my computer went through a period of a loop meaning that for 1 I didn't have it 
for 3 weeks and 2 when windows booted up, jaws would say "windows logon." Then 
restart and do the whole process again. Which brings me to my jaws question! Ok 
heare we go. 

  Basicly when the above happened, before that I had an issue with windows 
update not updating a few vista/security updates. Unfortunatly the person who I 
got to look at it for me couldn't fix the problem and he's an ICT person at my 
college so I'm fully conferdent that if he couldn't do it then who could. 
However he said that I should be alright for a while and recommended that I 
update to windows 7 the computer being a windows vista home premium at present. 
Apparently You can buy a windows 7 disc and just update your current OS without 
doing a fresh install. He said that that might solve the problem. Which leads 
me to my jaws question. 
  If I was to say "yeah I'll upgrade to 7 then." and got the disc and did it 
but still got the update error messages, and finally I had no choice but to do 
a fresh install of the OS, because I have only got one jaws key remaining how 
would I get my keys back again and if so would it make it a grand total of 4 
keys as apose to 3 which you get by default or do FS just refresh it back to 3 
despite how many you have remaining. and hear is the final question how much 
does it cost! LOL 
  I have windows vista Home premium and Jaws 12 oh and of course mustn't forget 
I live in the UK. Actually in the long run I feel that I need to update my jaws 
keys as one never knows when you need them!
  Sorry for the long story but if anyone can answer then that would be truely 
  Thanks Much!

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