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If outlook 2003 works like Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP, then from any
folder, press Tab to get to the folder tree view and then up/down arrow
or first letter navigation to find the folder you want which lists the
number of messages in that folder, if there are any.  Then Tab into the
list view of that folder.  From any folder, you can go directly to the
Inbox by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I.

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HI all,


I just switched to Outlook 2003, and I have two questions.  Is there any
keyboard shortcut that you can use to jump to the next folder with
unread messages, such as when you are in Outlook Express and can use
control-J to do this?  I looked all over the help and couldn't find it.
Also, it seems that there is a quirky thing with JAWS where if there is
only one unread message in a folder, it won't tell you so until there
are two or three.  So if I can't jump to a folder that has the unread
messages, is there anything I can do to get JAWS to tell me even when
there is only one unread message in a folder?  It is very time consuming
to check each folder just to make sure there isn't an unread message in
it.  I use rules extensively and sometimes have important messages from
work which might just be one message, but I can't wait until there are
two to check it.  Thanks for any help, and overall, I like Outlook
better than outlook Express, if I could just get this quirk figured out.





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